From an early age, I've loved to accessorize. It's the one part of an outfit that I'm always drawn to. I think this is where people can get creative and really show their own personal style. You can throw on a statement piece with anything, and it can change the entire look.

For years I was a buyer for a group of retail stores. I spent my days searching and styling out what women couldn't find anywhere else. I loved the creativity involved and constantly being on the hunt for artists who had designed unique products. I traveled to markets all over the United States and constantly focused on what the woman customer wants. And what would that be??? It's what nobody else has! We all want to give a fabulous gift to someone that they've never seen before and is different from anything they already have. We all want to wear a dress that nobody else is wearing. We all want something that makes us STAND OUT and beg for people to say, "Wow! I love that! Where did you find it??"

My goal for Tack is to create necklaces that MAKE A STATEMENT and make you feel great when you're wearing it. I want you to know that when you have it on, nobody else will have one on just like it. Each necklace is a little (or a lot!) different from the next.
I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I'm having fun creating them!